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How Does Crystal Absorb Good Luck

What Is Crystal?

Crystal is a kind of spiritual mineral, which brings us good luck and eliminates bad luck. It is hailed as the magic weapon of the spirits in the natural stone, which can form a special molecular structure.

For hundreds of millions of years, it has continuously absorbed the essence of heaven, earth, sun, and moon, possessing super strong energy of Qi and magnetic field, and possessing incredible spiritual energy.

It is used for practice, health preservation, qi training, townhouse, gathering wealth, praying for blessing, recruiting wealth, offering to the Buddha, removing obstacles, cultivating spirituality, increasing wisdom, helping people, avoiding villains, etc.

Over the years, crystal experts have continued to study and provide a large number of documents and examples of crystal lovers to prove that crystal contains huge energy and magical spiritual energy. Not only can you reverse luck and achieve your wishes, but it is also an ancient culture worth promoting for thousands of years.

Natural crystal has the function of absorbing negative qi and emitting positive qi, which means that it absorbs the negative body of the human body (that is, vulgar evil spirit) to relieve negative emotions.

Because crystal has a super strong energy of energy, magnetic field, and memory, people all over the world use its energy to make houses, improve feng shui, and remove bad luck to bring good luck.

Wearing crystals can attract happiness and protect your body. Knowing and bonding with crystals is a convenient way to attract wealth and ensure safety.

Crystal is the purest magnetic field of all-natural minerals, and it is of great help to our daily life and body, but if you do not work hard, but blindly rely on crystal, its effect is limited.

Crystal is a gem of great energy, any light or energy emitted through the crystal, its energy becomes infinite. If you know how to use crystals, crystals are infinitely helpful to our body, yang house (feng shui), and luck.

What Is a Natural Crystal?

Crystal has great power, but before using this power, you must first understand its basic knowledge. Crystal is a crystal of hexagonal crystal system, which belongs to the same hexagonal crystal gemstone as rubies and emeralds.

The Mohs hardness of crystal is 7 (10 for diamond and 5 for glass), and the main component is vaporized silicon, which is the same as the composition of human tissue.

Types And Characteristics Of Crystals

1. White crystal: It can make the mind calm, harmonious and pure, and has the effect of filtering the negative and maintaining the positive magnetic field.

2. Amethyst: Similar to the frequency of brain waves, it has the effect of calming the mind and developing wisdom.

3. Citrine: It is the main source of windfall, which helps increase the effect of wealth outside of business.

4. Tea crystal: It can improve reaction power, strengthen analytical judgment, and eliminate negative magnetic fields.

5. Pink Crystal: It has the functions of enhancing interpersonal relationships, enhancing connections, helping others to pursue love, and so on.

6. Fajing: The high vibration frequency can strengthen self-confidence, decisiveness, and move forward courageously to help create a career.

7. Titanium crystal: The king of crystals, with the largest vibration frequency and the strongest energy.

8. Lvfajing (green ghost crystal): It is the main wealth (business wealth), which helps the business to flourish.

What Is The Benefits Of Natural Crystals To The Human Body?

The formation of natural crystal ore takes tens of millions of years or more, combined with the aura of heaven and earth, which can continuously radiate positive energy and disperse negative energy, which is of great benefit to the human body’s magnetic field.

It can penetrate people’s fortunes invisibly, inspire spirituality, and help meditation. But if you don’t work hard and just trust the crystal blindly, its effect is still limited. Therefore, the crystal is to help you achieve your goal, not to let you sit back and enjoy it.

How To Attract Good Luck?

1. Things gather together, what kind of people and things are attracted by the magnetic field of what frequency. Therefore, if you want to change your luck, you must first change your body’s frequency and magnetic field.

2. Due to the excessive fatigue and busyness of modern people, the magnetic field of most people is in an unstable state for a long time, causing people’s luck to fluctuate. In nature, there is an ore whose magnetic field is the most stable, and this ore is crystal.

3. Any natural crystal is formed after tens of millions of years or billions of years, and it absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon for a long time. Anyone wearing a crystal can use its huge energy to stabilize and strengthen its own magnetic field. Based on the law of attraction and the principle of similarity, people who wear good quality crystals will definitely attract better luck in the end.

4. Since the quality of the natural crystal is directly proportional to energy, try to choose a better quality crystal when your personal budget allows, which will help you change your luck quickly.

How To Use Crystal?

After you get the crystal, please hold it with your left hand and read it: “Crystal, crystal I am your master, (your own name) from now on, with your power, will help me achieve my goal (what you expect matter).”

Positive frequency crystals include white crystal, citrine, pink crystal, hair crystal, titanium crystal, green hair crystal.

How to use

1. Wear it or carry it on your body as much as possible, touch and touch it at any time. The speed at which it adjusts your frequency and magnetic field will be determined by how much time you have been in contact with it, as well as the size and quality of the crystal. Wearing crystals must maintain a high frequency (positive thoughts and behaviors).

2. The crystal itself has the function of memory and expansion, which can speed up the number of self-confirmation and achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Purification method

Because it is worn on the body, in different environments, and close to all kinds of people, it may infect some negative energy, so it is necessary to clean and purify before going to bed every night. Rinse it with clean water for about 2-3 minutes. After washing the crystal, place it in the place where the music of “UHF Potential CD” is played.

The crystals that absorb negative energy are citrine and black crystals.

How to use

Wear it on the body or right hand at night to absorb the negative energy in the body, and it must be purified the next morning. If there are any parts of the body that are uncomfortable, place the crystal in an uncomfortable position.

After using it, you must perform a purification action to eliminate the negative energy in the crystal before it can be used again; if you are uncomfortable, try to put it in your clothes or kit if you want to take it out, and immediately purify it when you return home.

Purification method

Put in sea salt or sea salt water for more than 12 hours.

Precautions For Using Crystal

1. Crystal is alive, such as an amulet. The more you like it and the more you cherish it, the stronger its effectiveness; once you don’t believe it, its effect will be greatly reduced, and it may absorb a large amount of negative energy, so you must pay special attention. We sincerely cherish and be grateful.

2. Choosing the crystal you use can be based on your own intuition. When shopping for a friend, you can first think about the image of your friend, and the crystal that feels suitable will naturally appear.

3. The crystal should not be touched by others as much as possible. It is your own frequency. Once you are hinted to touch by others, you may input a frequency of negative energy that is not suitable for you, and the effect will be affected.

4. Crystals are extremely susceptible to language, whether positive or negative. Don’t make negative suggestions to your crystal and let people around you use negative language to influence it. If there is a negative energy effect, please wash it immediately (water rinse for 2-3 minutes).

5. Do not place the crystal on the computer, TV, and audio combination, unless you use the crystal to absorb radiation, otherwise the crystal will greatly reduce the radiation effect and the color.

6. Be kind to crystals. The life and body of the crystal will be harmed by your improper collection, especially the tip part. Please do not place the crystal randomly. If you don’t need the crystal aid, for the time being, wrap it in a cloth bag and store it in a safe place.

7. Wear or hold the crystal, use your left hand for positive frequencies, and your right hand for negative energy.

8. When wearing a crystal for the first time, you may experience physical discomfort. This means that some parts of the body are not able to communicate with energy and are getting through, and often start to feel uncomfortable in weaker parts of the body.

There are also people who suffer from double eye pain, sleepiness, and dizziness due to the crystal magnetic field being too strong and the frequency is different. Usually, they will adapt within three days. Those who are too uncomfortable can use the gradual method (do not use it for too long).

9. For those who use citrine or titanium crystal, some people will have a tendency to be irritable. Please use white crystal to adjust it.

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