what are the effects of different crystals

What Are The Effects Of Different Crystals



1. Amethyst represents high-level, spiritual, and spiritual love, and can be used as a kind of affection and token for admirers.

2. People have always used amethyst as a charm and ward off evil because people believe that it can drive away demons and enhance personal luck. Amethyst has always been famous for being able to develop the third eye between the eyebrows because it corresponds to the brow chakra and the crown chakra. It can stimulate the brain and stimulate creativity, thus increasing people’s confidence, and has a great influence on the relationship between men and women and the relationship between men and women. It also has a stable effect on the wearer’s own emotions. It can also restrain impulse and achieve the purpose of keeping money and keeping fortune.

3. Amethyst can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance, is most conducive to leadership and control, enhance popularity, promote interpersonal relationships, and can also let subordinates work for you.

4. Let children wear amethyst ornaments, which will help calm the playful and playful heart, develop wisdom, strengthen memory and concentration, study hard, and enhance exam luck.

5. Different shades of amethyst can correspond to the brow chakra and crown chakra. It is said to strengthen memory and concentration, improve brain disease and aging, and relieve symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

6. Putting amethyst in homes, offices, and shops, at the end of the aisle, has the effect of absorbing wealth and popularity, and it also means gathering wealth.


White Crystal

1. Mainly healthy, balance the individual’s body and mind and emotions, help concentrate, and greatly help the health of the family.

2. You can put white crystals on the desk to help children strengthen concentration and memory, thereby improving academic performance.

3. White crystal pendants have the most balanced energy, and are the best as “amulets” and “peace charms”.

4. Placing the white crystal cluster on the side of the financial position can make the vitality vigorous and help make money and make a fortune.

5. Placing the white crystal on the right rear of the master helps to build prestige, and the subordinates do not dare to delay or perfunctory the implementation of their orders.

6. For indoor and outdoor rushing evil, you can put a crystal ball or crystal column in the opposite place, which can effectively resolve the rushing evil.

7. Place crystal balls and crystal pillars on the desks and office desks. On the one hand, you can prevent villains from being harassed, and on the other hand, you can make your life more harmonious.

8. Using white crystal pillars to display the seven-star array, you can make all kinds of visualizations, and the effect is the most magnificent.


Pink Crystal

1. Helps to improve impatient, straightforward personality, enhance affinity, improve interpersonal relationships, and bring love.

2. If husbands and wives often quarrel and get angry, wearing pink crystals will help improve the relationship between the two, and placing them in the bedroom will help build a tender, warm and loving little world.

3. In any business place, placing a lot of various types of pink crystals will help reduce the alertness, comparison, and defense of the guests so that they can be confident and bold in consumption.

4. In the store, a seven-star array of pink crystal pillars can be placed in the financial position to help attract customers to come and spend.

5. For business people who go out, wearing pink crystals with them will also help strengthen the relationship with customers, improve affinity, and promote business success.



1. It can help to improve blood problems, promote circulation, increase vitality, and then get the effect of beauty and beauty. It is the first and favorite of beauties.

2. Helps to improve the function of the reproductive system and strengthen the body’s regenerative capacity, which can accelerate the healing of wounds.

3. For workers who often stay up late, work overtime, and are tired day and night, they can actively recover their physical strength.


Gold Tourmaline Quartz

Gold Tourmaline Quartz

It contains hair-like or golden-like golden hair. The hair is round, thin, and many.

1. Both positive and partial wealth are recruited, and the energy is very strong! It can be used as amulets and lucky charms, especially for people who often work at night, or go to various places with high levels of miscellaneous gas and sickness, such as medical establishments, special business places, etc. The effect can also resolve the interference of some witchcraft or low-level spirits.

2. For people who are indecisive, lack initiative and courage, it also has the function of strengthening their decisive decision-making power and increasing courage and courage. Especially for leaders or senior executives who often make decision-making, they will have more leadership if they wear titanium crystals and are close to the sun wheel. Decision-making ability, lead the subordinates to start a new round together, and achieve extraordinary results in the career!

3. The roots of the ears are too soft, the heart is too soft, and often can’t help others’ pleadings and pleadings, and make people who violate their own interests and promises, or people who are easy to be confused by others’ sweet words, wearing gold crystals helps to strengthen their position, and Not easy to be deceived.

4. The yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel and can help digestive organs such as the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even the skin and diaphragm (respiratory system).

Green Tourmaline Quartz

Green Tourmaline Quartz

The green hair in the green hair crystal is not an ordinary mineral, but Actinolite, which, as the name suggests, has an awe-inspiring effect on men.

1. The green hair crystal corresponds to the heart chakra, which helps inspire ambitions, accept challenges, and create new situations.

2. For people who often go out, wearing green hair crystals close to your body can help bring good luck and good opportunities.

3. If male friends have sexual dysfunction, use the compound energy of green hair crystal and actinolite to improve their own functions.

Red Tourmaline Quartz

Red Tourmaline Quartz

Reticulated rutile, fine hair is softly entwined, also known as red rabbit hair crystal, or needle-shaped rutile, also known as “Venus crystal”, which resembles the hair of a red-haired beauty.

1. For female friends who have a weaker physique and unbalanced qi and blood, it is recommended to wear more red hair crystals to supplement the energy of the next three chakras (sea chakra, navel chakra, sun chakra).

2. Female friends who are not enthusiastic, generous, active, or sexually cold, wear more red hair crystals to help strengthen their own vitality, charm, and affinity.

3. Corresponding to the sea chakra, it helps to adjust the female hormones, helps the reproductive system, can treat gynecological diseases, relieve menstrual pain, and harmonize qi and blood. It is also effective for women with menopausal hormonal disorders. Therapeutic coldness, infertility, menopausal weakness, low blood pressure, dull skin, fragility, and sensitivity, etc.

4. For male friends, the red and black light can also correspond to the sex chakra. It is also helpful for the male prostate and testicles and other related reproductive systems, bladder, and nervous system, helping to enhance male vitality!

Black Tourmaline Quartz

Black Tourmaline Quartz

The contents are black needle-like or hair-like substances, mostly black tourmaline, which looks very cool and modern!

1. Corresponding to the submarine chakra, it can guide the Qi to the next three chakras. It has a good balance effect for office workers or creative workers who often overuse their brains.

2. Black hair crystal is also known as the leader stone. Wearing it for the person in charge can increase the charisma of the leader, strengthen the centripetal force of the deployment, and help the development and growth of the career.

3. Black hair crystal is a very good spar for warding off evil, transforming evil spirits, and absorbing disease energy. It can be an effective amulet, absorbing all negative energy, and preventing witchcraft, black spells, etc.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline has a dark and deep appearance.

1. It can effectively eliminate stress, fatigue, and turbid qi, improve physical health, and improve luck.

2. For those who are easily frightened and have nightmares at night, placing black tourmalines can stabilize the spatial energy field and ward off evil spirits.

3. It helps to protect the patient from external interference, concentrate on recuperation, and enhance the speed of recovery.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline

Blue tourmaline is a very rare and precious gemstone, corresponding to the Throat Chakra and the third eye, the main communication, and sensitivity.

1. Can effectively enhance communication skills, expression skills, and persuasive skills.

2. For people who are over-outstanding, generous, and enthusiastic, can easily be used by others to cause their own losses. Wearing blue tourmaline can balance this personality.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

The green tourmaline corresponds to the heart chakra. It is a gem that can make people happy, happy and satisfying, also known as the stone of wealth.

1. Greenlight is the light of wealth, and it can make people happy, peaceful, and wealthy.

2. Greenlight is easy to help make good friends, good relationships, and good luck. It is also easy to get the appreciation of the boss and the help of the nobles.

3. It can help eliminate worries, depression, and unhappiness in the mind, and bring real happiness and joy. It is especially effective for people with depression, autism, or self-denial.

4. For those who are weak, unwilling, and unwilling to do things, it helps to find the joy of work, and is willing to invest, go all out, and get the satisfaction of self-realization.

Rose Tourmaline

Rose Tourmaline

The red tones of tourmaline are widely distributed, mostly between pink and peach. A few crimson is the same as ruby. Its energy makes people passionate, unrestrained, cheerful, and refreshing. It corresponds to the heart chakra and is extremely likable.

1. Giving rose tourmalines to the opposite sex is a good way to express love and conquer the other’s heart. Wearing a rose tourmaline is also easy to attract wonderful love and ideal partner. Or make the affection between husband and wife stronger.

2. When others have a prejudice against you, it helps to improve their relationship. When you are indifferent and distant from other people, you can strengthen each other’s popularity. At the same time, it helps to eliminate the indifference, arrogance, weirdness, and various abnormal psychology in a person’s heart and makes people easy to get along with.

3. For people who often need to deal with or work with the public, it helps to radiate personal charisma and strengthen leadership qualities, which will naturally attract more people and gain people’s support.

4. For ladies who love beauty, it is said that there is also the role of beauty and beauty.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is inside a spar, with red inside and blue and green outside. Tourmalines resembling watermelon are scarce in quantity, so the price is more expensive. It is said that the watermelon tourmaline is placed under the pillow on which Empress Dowager Cixi slept.

1. It helps to eliminate all conflicts, contradictions, and complex complexes in the mind so that people can have a happy and joyful mood.

2. People with complex relationships, entangled interests, or emotional conflicts can help resolve myths and see the truth. For men and women who are passionate, abusive, and often emotionally entangled, it helps to free themselves from multiple relationships, so that they can feel at ease and find true love.

3. Public relations staff, sales staff, shop assistants, and reception staff wear watermelon tourmalines, which are helpful to promote business, and can strengthen communication and coordination, deal with complex situations, and get satisfactory results.



1. Wearing peridot will help bring lucky energy, make it easy to meet good friends, get valuable help, and get better opportunities.

2. Wearing olivine ornaments can help strengthen one’s own aura and energy field, ward off evil spirits and prevent malicious attacks by sorcery. It is a good exorcism object.

3. The green light of olivine is also the light of wealth, helping to attract wealth energy.

4. It helps to dispel the negative emotional energy of tension, anxiety, and depression, bring fresh and happy energy, soothe the nerves, make sitting and standing peaceful, and sleep peacefully.

5. It helps to promote the maturity of the personality, properly face the challenges of life, and can arouse people’s ambitions, dare to take risks, and create new situations.


Purple Dragon Crystal

1. It helps to eliminate the fog of the brain, see the truth of the facts, not be confused by the appearance, to gain true knowledge and wisdom.

2. It can get rid of the meanness and bring warmth, compassion, joy, openness, and a spiritual sense of humor.

3. Ladies wear purple dragon crystal ornaments, which help bring noble, elegant, and extraordinary temperament, as well as compassion and tolerance.

4. Buddha statues carved with purple dragon crystals have the highest spirituality and the strongest spiritual power after proper enlightenment.

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